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I am passionate about sharing my message of financial security equalling choice in life. I especially look to share this message with women who want to learn more about money in a practical and big-picture sense.

Some feedback on my presentations:

"I thought she gave the information in an extremely easy to understand format. I really felt that Kelley gave unbiased, honest advice - straight talk."

"I enjoyed the practical points she gave throughout her presentation."

"I found Kelley's presentation direct, concise and motivating. Thank you for the opportunity to hear her."

I'm available to speak on a variety of topics, but here is a sampling of the most popular. Talks are customized to the needs of your group and most presentations run between 20 and 45 minutes and include ample time for Q&A.  

Contact me for rates and availability.  

What Are You Waiting For? Your Money. Your Plan. Right Now. - An educational talk for women that covers the basics of estate planning and delves deeper into the nuances of trustee selection and understanding the documents needed. This talk is perfect for wealth management client appreciation events. An attendee of this talk shared this takeaway: "The talk helped me realize the basic knowledge I need to educate myself on and who I can go to in order to find out the answers to taking charge of my own financial security." 

The majority of attendees of this talk strongly agree it exceeded their expectations and increased their understanding of financial matters. Additionally, 9 out of 10 attendees stated that it increased their desire to take immediate action on a plan.

Financial Security and Choices - What Does It Mean To You? - In this talk I lay out the basics of financial security then help participants consider their deepest commitments and values while encouraging them to match those with the way they handle their money. Perfect for a luncheon or employee appreciation event.

Spring Cleaning: Putting a Price on Your Purge - Make Spring Cleaning even more rewarding by making a few bucks from the items you're getting rid of! This fun and interesting presentation includes step-by-step navigation of craigslist and eBay, as well as direction on consigning clothing and kids' stuff. I'll also cover explicit instructions for maximizing tax deductions for those items you'd rather donate. I'll even help you decide the best method to get rid of everything!

What's Your Financial Type? - A look at the eight financial archetypes I use in my practice. You'll learn how your unique money type affects how you relate to money along with practical tips to finding financial peace. Visit my Newsletter Archive to see the series on the archetypes!

4 Essential Steps to Financial Security for Women - Women have unique personalities and needs when it comes to their money situations. This talk covers the four things that every woman should do to ensure long-term financial happiness. Always includes major Q&A!

Women's Money Makeover - If you're looking for someone to suggest you reduce your shoe-buying budget or cut back on salon services, you won't find that person here. Reasonable and realistic ways for women to keep their money in control and understand what they have without the industry jargon that guys love so much.

Marriage & Money - Based on the talks I gave as a volunteer to engaged couples participating in the Cincinnati Archdiocese Pre Cana program, this presentation provides guidance for engaged couples and newlyweds to marry their money styles as well as their lives. It covers the basics of budgeting, debt reduction and combining money as well as more complex issues like estate planning and long-term planning.

Do I work with clients?
 I do have a "real job" and that comes first. When life permits and there is no conflict of interest with my role at SS&H, I will accept a select number of clients who are motivated to make a positive change in their money habits and desire assistance with plotting a long-term financial plan. If that sounds like you, please contact me and we can discuss how we might work together.
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