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Client Testimonials

"Kelley has provided me with one of the best investments of 2011. She's taken something that used to be a mystery and extremely stressful and turned it into something that's actually fun! I now look forward to tracking how much I'm spending, where I'm spending, and budgeting. Her understanding and personable approach made me feel comfortable and confident in how I was keeping track of my money. Her quick and accurate responses to my questions and her ability to just take charge of my situation while also finding a system that worked for me was the best working relationship I could ask for. Thank you so much, Kelley!!" - Stephanie Mansour, CEO, Step It Up With Steph

"Before Kelley, my husband and I were on different pages when it came to money and spending. With her help we have a plan that includes being free of debt, starting a college savings, enhancing our retirement and most importantly identifying an approach to spending that we can both live with. She has made the process seamless and even fun, while the wisdom she imparts has been life-changing and probably even marriage-saving." - Shannan S.

"Kelley has been a critical success factor for my business. Her level of service goes far beyond the definition of the word. She analyzes, advises and provides strategic guidance as if she were a vested owner in the business. Kelley has a sincere passion for her work in this industry and a clear desire to see her clients succeed. Add to that her natural warmth and desire to achieve your goals, and she's one of the best service professionals you could partner with. I am confident relying on Kelley and trust her implicitly to help me grow my business and profits. I recommend her without any hesitation and would encourage any business owner to engage her with CFO responsibilities, as I do." - Erin Schreyer, President, Sagestone Partners, LLC 

"I'm giddy about the things we're accomplishing so far ... am making progress on our goals! Feels good!" - Julie C.

"Thanks for your help. I learned a lot and even saved some more money!" - Lindsey C.

"Not only does Kelley provide timely and competent advice, she dispenses same with great empathy. While many professionals and companies claim to care about your hopes and aspirations, it's clear that Kelley truly does care about her client's goals." - Michael K.

"I like the idea of being able to check in to ask 'at my leisure' if that makes sense. And YES I have and am definitely finding it helpful.  1. I've learned some stuff, 2. It's keeping me diligent and paying more attention to it, and 3. It's comforting to know you have my back." - Jill M. 

"I will forever be grateful for your genuine concern and ... delicate? ... tender? ... approach." - Ellen B.

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